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26-28th Oct 2018

MCM Film League

What is the MCM Comic Con Film League?

This is a brand-new, revolutionary film-making challenge, in which 12 teams will compete over one year for the chance to work with a well-known actor & win many great prizes along the way!

MCM Film League


How does it work?

Teams are given the pilot episode of an 8-episode sci-fi series involving a body swap/mind-transference theme. They then have one month to make the next episode. The 12 episodes will be judged by a panel of industry professionals and public voting. Points will be awarded based on the ranking and entered into the league table. The top-rated episode then becomes the “official” episode, & the teams get one month to make the next episode continuing the story from the winning episode.


After 6 episodes, the top-ranked team based on the points in the league table is declared the winner, and get to make the final episode starring a well-known actor. There will be plenty of other prizes up for grabs, including film-making equipment. There will also be a cash prize of £1000 for the winning team, and additional prizes for second and third places.


The 6 winning episodes will be combined with the pilot and finale to form a feature which will be released through a major streaming service.

How do I take part?

The Film League is open to everyone, with no prior experience required, although it is aimed at people starting out on a career in the film & TV industries. With only 12 places available in the league, there will be four qualifiers held, with the top three teams from each qualifier joining the league.


The qualifier will take the form of a timed 48 or 60-hour short film challenge, in which teams will be given a title, line of dialogue and prop, and then have to complete their film in the allotted time. There will be no charge to take part in a qualifier, and teams are welcome to take part in as many of the qualifiers as they wish.


The opening qualifier was held in October 2017, and the second qualifier will be held over the weekend of 23-26th March 2018. Other qualifiers will be held in June and September (dates tbc), with the League commencing from October 2018.

In order to  enter the second qualifier for FREE click here.

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