Are YOU a Super Filmmaker?

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27-29th Oct 2017

MCM Film League

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The first qualifier for the MCM Comic Con Film League will take place

over the weekend of 6-8th October 2017.

The top 3 teams entering the Film League will be announced at

MCM Comic Con London on Sunday 29th October.

MCM Film League


How does it work?

The simple version...


On Friday 6th October at 7pm we will give you a film brief via email, and on this website.  This brief will consist of the TITLE and THEME of the film you will make, some DIALOGUE that must be said on screen, and a PROP that must be used in the film. Film judging will take into account how well integrated the assigned elements are into the completed film.


Once you have all your elements, you have until Monday morning to make a film according to that brief and return the completed movie to us. You can either upload to vimeo, or send us the file via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar.


What you need to do...


1. Choose a Team Name - We will use this to refer to you through out the event.

2. Put your team together - Everybody wants to be a Director, so to keep arguments down we recommend up to 8 members but feel free to have more!

3. Register - Click the link, fill in your details. It's FREE to register, and there's no obligation if you find you are unable to participate on the day.

4. Check in on the 6th October - You will be given a brief consisting of a TITLE, LINE OF DIALOGUE, PROP and THEME to base your film around. Assignments will be announced online at 7pm.

5. Make a film in a weekend but keep it short - we have a lot of them to watch! (3-5 mins). Remember that Comic Con is a family event and we will be unable to screen any film with content that we deem to be inappropriate for the Comic Con audience!

6. Get it back to us by 8am Monday 8th October for judging - or it's...


"Game over, man. Game over!"

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Be sure to check the full qualifier rules HERE.