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26-28th Oct 2018

MCM Film League

MCM Comic Con Film League First Qualifier Rules

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The Basic Rules:


A. You will be required to register and login to the website in order to receive a brief online. Briefs will be available online from 7pm on Friday 23rd March.

B. Participating teams then have just 60 hours to write, shoot and edit a film to be no shorter than three mintutes and no longer than five minutes, including credits (which should not last more than 30 seconds).

C. You may not start work on your film until you receive the brief. You have until 8am on Monday 26th March 2018 to create your film & upload it. Late entries will not be accepted so make sure you leave yourself with plenty of time for delivery including final rendering and uploading! Remember that video websites take time to process your video; Vimeo can take over an hour if you are not a Pro member.

D.  Remember we do not give you any kit to shoot or edit your film.

E.  We tell you what your assigned Prop is, but it's up to you to find it. Don't worry though, it will be a fairly common household object.

F.  All valid entries will be judged, & a panel of industry judges will select 3 winning films. These 3 films will be the entered into the first MCM Comic Con Film League.


Extra Bits


• Your film must be created entirely during the 60 hour challenge period.


• All material must be free of any copyright claims and you indemnify us against any claims.


• Teams participating via Email or attending must upload their film to us via an online system like DROPBOX or WETRANSFER.  Your film must be in the following format - H264, 720p, MP4.  

You may alternately upload the film to Vimeo, and add it to our Vimeo group.


• Videos must be sent to us before 8am on Monday 26th March. You must include your TEAM NAME in the filename or description! If you upload to Vimeo it is up to you if you make your film public or private, but remember to give us any password; if we can't watch your film it won't get judged! If you upload to Vimeo, you must make the film available for download by competition organisers. You must be willing to supply a high resolution downloadable copy of the film to the competition organisers if requested.


• No stock footage or footage shot or created at another time should be used unless it is material from a source such as NASA or and credited as such. Animation and special effects are permitted, but must be created during the 60 hour time period. Still photographs are permitted, provided that the team has the rights to them. The photos do not necessarily need to be created during the 60 hour time period, unless the whole film is made up of stills, like La Jetée.


• Any music used should be original and, where possible, created specifically for the movie during the challenge. There are plenty of websites online which provide royalty-free music which you may use. You must be able to supply on request proof of licence and clearance to use any music in your film. Creative Commons licensed music must be Attribution ONLY, and must be credited appropriately. Music created with loops in programmes such as GarageBand or Soundtrack is acceptable. The same rules apply to sound effects. Remember, we want to broadcast and exhibit these films and music clearance is a costly business and will likely mean we will not include your film if there is any doubt in the permissions.  Comic Con Film Race accepts no responsibility, financial or otherwise, in regards to clearing copyrighted material. Filmmakers accept all liability for checking copyright clearances on their submitted films. Any copyrighted materials used must be licensed for commercial use.


• The start of the film MUST have:

  5 seconds of Black

  Title Card with: team name, title/prop/dialogue etc that you were given; held for 4 seconds

  2 seconds of Black

  The Official Film Race Title Card to be held for minimum of 3 seconds


The total Running Time of the film must be no shorter than 3 minutes, and no longer than 5 minutes.  The Official Running Time of the film commences upon display of the Official Film Race Title Card. The team name title card and black screen do not count towards the total running time of the film, but the Official Film Race Title Card IS counted. You may not alter the visuals during the 3-seconds that the Official Title Card is displayed, but may choose to start sound/music/dialogue whilst the Card is onscreen at your discretion. Any other credits at the beginning or end of the film also count towards the total running time, and may not last for more than 30 seconds. The Official Film Race Title Card will be available for download when you collect your brief online.


• We are unable to return any materials, so don't give us the only copy.


• By entering you agree to give MCM, Capture Events, and MCM Comic Con Film Race non-exclusive, worldwide rights to the film forever. This includes the use of extracts and stills from the film for promotional use (eg in a trailer), the rights to screen the film in any capacity at Comic Con or on the web, and to include the film on commercial releases.


• Only films returned by 8am on Monday 26th March, and which are no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes, copyright cleared, and containing all elements issued on the Friday, are eligible for judging.


• We do not have a problem with you thinking ahead and finding actors and locations but creative work must take place within the 60 hour competition time. This includes writing, rehearsing, graphics etc.


• Overall content of the film is up to the individual teams, but may not include anything that may be classified as obscene or illegal. Remember that Comic Con is a family event, and we will be unable to screen any film with content that we deem to be inappropriate for the Comic Con audience, at our discretion. This can include strong language, violence/gore or sex/nudity.  Films should be suitable for no higher than a '12A' age rating.


• The assigned elements (DIALOGUE, PROP, TITLE & THEME) can be used in any way you see fit, but the judging will take into account how succesfully integrated the elements are into the overall film. Using the elements in a centrally important or particularly inventive manner will rate higher than if they are used in an irrelevent or offhand way.


• We encourage all entrants to join our Vimeo Group in order to share their completed films. Entrants who choose to keep their film private will not be penalised for doing so, provided they can be accessed by the judges with any passwords provided.


• Anyone affiliated with Capture Events, MCM or the Film Race sponsors are welcome to enter the race (assuming they have not been supplied with the Brief before the Official Launch of the Race). Any such affiliated films will be ineligible for judging for prizes and cannot win any prizes. They will however be eligible for potential inclusion for screening and on any DVD or Blu-Ray release.


• By entering the challenge, the Entrant agrees to abide by all provisions in these rules and accept the decisions of the ’MCM Comic Con Film Race’ and the judges as final and binding in all respects. The ’MCM Comic Con Film Race’ reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who fails to comply with the rules, at its sole discretion.


•  If the winners of the challenge do not attend the screening of their film at MCM Comic Con, the awarding and delivery of the prizes is at the discretion of the company or organisation donating the prize. 'MCM Comic Con Film Race’ does not take responsibility for the delivery of prizes. Goodie Bag prizes will NOT be posted out and MUST be collected at MCM Comic Con. Any uncollected goodie bag prizes will be rolled over to the Film Race challenge for the next MCM Comic Con London.


• There is NO fee or charge for entering the Film Race but ALL costs for production must be born by the team.


• There is NO fee paid to the teams in any respect for the film entered neither in part or full use of the film.


• In order to attend the screenings & awards it will be necessary to purchase a ticket for entrance to MCM Comic Con London itself. Tickets are limited and may be purchased in advance on the MCM website. If tickets sell out in advance, none will be available on the day. Remember to allow plenty of time to enter the venue on the day, as queues are likely. Screenings are included in the cost of entry to Comic Con.


• 'MCM Comic Con Film Race' reserve the right to amend the rules during the registration period. By uploading a film for the challenge you agree to the rules as set out at the time the challenge commences.


• Entries from overseas are welcome, but please ensure that dialogue is either English or English-subtitled as appropriate, and be aware of rules about delivery of prizes if you are not attending Comic Con. All times quoted on this website are UK time, so remember to adjust for your own time zone.







If you are entering the 48 Hour Film Race, follow @comicconfilm on twitter and use #ComicConFilm hashtag on social media.


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