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26-28th Oct 2018

MCM Film League


UK / 2016 / 9 mins



Director: L'Emir Mohamad Chehab

Producers: L'Emir Mohamad Chehab

Writers: Abdelhalim Chehab,

            Matthew East,

             L'Emir Mohamad Chehab

Cinematography: Asmund Berge Jenssen

Music: Oscar Garvin, Mike Higgs

Editor:  L'Emir Mohamad Chehab

Cast: Christopher Foran, Beverley Wilson





Screening Sunday 30th 16:45

Lower Platinum Theatre

Short science fiction film about the final stage of a computer simulation performed on a sentient humanoid android, Makana, with the purpose of realizing its life long dream of obtaining free will.