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26-28th Oct 2018

MCM Film League

Sophie's Fortune

The Treasure of Quetzalcoatl

UK / 2014 / 27mins


Director: Chris Cronin

Producer: Phil Meachem

Writers: Paul Thomas,

             Chris Cronin

Cinematography: Sam Cronin

Editor: Pawel Pracz

Music: Carlos Rubio

Cast: Simon Hardwicke,

        Donald Standen

        Cameron Prudames

        Steve McTigue

        Adam Baroni



Screening Sunday 30th 16:00

Lower Platinum Theatre

“Imagination meets reality. Action Meets Adventure. The Hunt Is On!”


Brendan gets involved in a ‘Fathers only’ treasure hunt for the sake of his 7 year old niece Sophie. But what Brendan begins to realise is that the parents imagination may have gotten the better of them and it might not be so easy bringing home Sophie’s Fortune.


“Indiana Jones meets The Goonies” – Flickering Myth

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