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26-28th Oct 2018

MCM Film League total awesome 1

Total Awesome Viking Power

USA / 2015 / 15 mins



Director: Morten Forland

Producers: Karen Schlitt,    

                 Edouard Marchand,

                 Jennevie Olivieri,

                 Morten Forland

Writer: Morten Forland

Cinematography: Vincent Valentin

Music: Alexander Arntzen

Editor: Wilhelm Jacobsen

Cast: Vince Major,

         Schno Mozingo,

         Jane Edwina Seymour,

         Adele René




Screening Saturday 29th 15:30

Lower Platinum Theatre

When Viking role player Vidar is sidelined to “the land of the dead” he seeks help of the god Odin, who agrees to teach Vidar the ways of the Vikings if he takes him to a mystical Runestone. Together they embark on a journey that will test Vidar’s wits, bravery and his ability to go completely berserk.


“Total Awesome Viking Power” is a funny, action-packed adventure that blends mythology and our modern world in a completely original way. It’s a celebration of the world of the Vikings and LARPers, with real human characters that have flaws, goals, and motivations.

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